For a school with fabulous facilities and probably the best parents‘ welcome committee to be found anywhere in Europe, I guess it was inevitable that the two elements would align to great effect at various points. This was certainly the case on Friday evening when the entrance porch to the kindergarten was transformed into an authentic German beer garden, twinkly lights hanging from the wooden beams, high bar tables to gather round, glass in hand, and the friendliest of volunteers serving drinks.

The September Soirée was the culmination of numerous events organised for the new families joining St John‘s, my own family included and, o my, do we feel welcomed! There have been fairs, sports trials with barbecues, buddy families, second hand sales, school supplies, lots of ready advice and almost every day, a cheery hello and a check that all is well.  As a newcomer,  there is so much to take on board in an unfamiliar country, but it has all been made so much more manageable with the hardest parts taken care of, perhaps most importantly, that ready made community to be a part of. So whilst I have been grappling with a few domestic plumbing issues (thankfully now all sorted!) it has been lovely to come into school, settle into our new daily routines and then have some convivial social events to enjoy. Bravo to the wonderful Welcome Committee!

Beer Garden.jpg

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