Over the Fall Break, we travelled back to the UK where we enjoyed a few days at our house in Bath, a full immersion in Brexit news and a chance to catch up with family and friends. Despite the traffic congestion for much of the return journey between the ferry port and Brussels, it was lovely to come home to Belgium last weekend. Our garden is awash with autumn colours and it is great fun to have the occasional red squirrel sighting! In the UK, red squirrels are seriously rare.

And it has been good to be back in school with everyone refreshed and ready for the second half of term. It was great to meet earlier in the week with our group of Grade 12 Oxbridge and Medicine applicants – a highly impressive group of young people who were all very easy to talk to and thoroughly grounded. As well as being top academics, they are also highly involved in many aspects of school and wider community life, from leadership roles and competitive sport to acclaim in French essay writing and the European Central Bank’s economics competition. I look forward to following their progress as their university offers start to come in.

Yesterday, the whole school took part in a mass daffodil planting – lovely to see everyone involved from our youngest to oldest students, as well as staff from across the school and some parents too. I joined the Timbertops children at the start of the day for their assembly and spoke to them about the magic of the daffodil bulb. They had a pretty good grasp of the principles of the bulb and that they would have to wait from autumn through winter until spring before the flowers would finally bloom. We then walked crocodile fashion to the front of school where our wonderful gardeners had prepared the planting beds for us. The children took the process very seriously, for the most part placing their bulb very carefully, root end down, into the soil. A few children took a more energetic approach, throwing the bulb (pretty accurately) into the flower bed! Whether placed or thrown, I am sure we shall have a beautiful show of colour in the spring.

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