Our senior students returned to school last week after a very successful few days at the end of season ISST tournaments – the cross country team had travelled to The Hague, the boys had the shortest journey to ISB for football and the girls flew to Vienna. And thanks to the power of the internet and some rather committed students and staff at the American School in Vienna, it was possible to watch the girls’ fixtures via live-streaming, including a rather jaunty and candid running commentary on the match. I realised rather late on Friday that I could have the matches running in the background whilst I worked through my emails!

I wasn’t the only one to be following the progress of our senior girls’ football team – one of our Early Years homeroom teachers, Miss Scroggins, had allowed her class to watch some snippets of the live matches and they were thrilled to see the St John’s team have such great results, winning their way to the semi finals on Friday, then losing narrowly in the final on Saturday.

What was really lovely to hear was that the Timbertops girls had gone straight out to the playground at break time and joined in the football game that until that point had been the usual preserve of the boys. Incredible what a little inspiration can do! It also brings home to you how quickly girls and boys can fall into stereotypical gender expectations. Who says football is just for boys? So it was brilliant that our very own senior girls could provide this strong role modelling for their younger school-mates, making it cool to kick a football and be part of the team. Then on Monday, the Timbertops class could hardly contain their excitement when the whole of the girls’ football team called by their classroom to thank them for their support and show off their runners up medals. Such a gracious and generous way for the senior girls to conduct themselves. Bravo to our brilliant role models!


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