For much of last week, the High School revelled in the compliments and sheer brilliance of the High School production; a staging of A Chorus Line that took our breath away, reduced us to tears and entertained us from start to finish. It really was hard to believe that all of the performers were regular St John‘s students, that there weren’t a few slipped in from stage school or a professional background. Sure enough, there they all were on Tuesday, strolling down the corridors with their friends, sitting in Standard Level maths class and grabbing a sandwich at lunchtime.

The production has been a feat of organisation, belief and huge commitment from all involved. Undoubtedly, we have a phenomenal theatre, but it is the people that really make the magic; our teachers, support staff, students, parents and families have all conspired in the most creative and dynamic way to create not only a spectacle, but an artistic experience and team triumph that will be remembered for many, many years to come. Bravo to everyone involved!

And as a post-production finalé, what a genius idea to have a no school day for the students immediately following the four-performance-production-run on the Monday. Our backstage, on stage, front of house and supporters had a little time to recuperate and regroup for the final four weeks of term, walking down the corridors, back in the studio, office, and classroom, all with a little Broadway spring in their step.

Chorus Line 4

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