I am not a big fan of winter. The dark mornings. The damp, short days. Grey.

Thank goodness for the delights of being in school during the week – it is the ideal place to see out the winter – warm, welcoming and full of light, sound and activity. Arriving at the back of school in the morning, the four storey main block glows from within and reminds me of a cruise ship – quite a fitting metaphor really for St John’s. We are very proudly an international school where every single student has embarked on an exciting learning journey, stopping off at various ports, building their knowledge, encountering different cultures, challenging opinion, developing communication skills and emotional literacy. A cruise ship that will take them to places they had never imagined, nurture their creativity, meet new people and expand their minds – what a great journey of discovery on board!

And this week, we have the added excitement of snow being forecast. For many of our students, this will be their first experience of the white stuff and for others, a nice reminder of winters at home. For my family (myself included!) snow is always greeted with joy – it is a rare occurrence in the UK and almost non-existent at our last home which was right on the beach overlooking the Irish Sea – often cold and wet, but not quite cold enough to overcome the high salt content in the air and produce snow.

Yesterday may have been Blue Monday, but the cruise ship sails on with hopefully not too many icebergs in sight. On behalf of all the children and young at heart: let it snow!

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