Back from a few days in London where I was recruiting new staff for the next academic year. It was a really interesting experience to attend a teacher recruitment fair for the first time – and what a brilliant, practical solution to bring schools and teachers together at a single venue. An added bonus was that I was able to join a great group of London-based St John’s alumni for a gathering on Wednesday evening. It was a fabulous evening, full of reminiscences and stories from school days. One of the alumni had even flown in from Toulouse for the evening – eminently do-able, I guess, when you work for Airbus. The assembled group was an incredibly interesting mixture of people, just as diverse as the St John’s community now.

As I returned to Belgium, there was still a little of the snow on the ground. I had missed the excitement of the snowfall last week, but this week has delivered with another covering, but still no snow day! It has been good to slot back into the school routine and yesterday, I had a good walk around the after school activities. Football in the sports hall, basketball in the sports arena, chess with our chess coach, there was much to see. Having played quite a few years of netball, I was disappointed not to have more success at the basketball practice though, but was very taken with the great automated basketball shooting machine; tennis ball machines, automated cricket bowling machines, I have seen before, but a ball-dispensing basketball machine was new to me! My final activity visit took me into the nursery, where an enthusiastic group of cookery club participants were busy making savoury dishes, including baked beans from scratch. The cooking aroma emanating from the kitchen was gorgeous, so it was quite a wrench to pull myself away and head off for a meeting – the cookery option was far more appealing!

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