Today has been a Very Good Day. A buzz around school generated by the cast list for Annie going up on the Middle School noticeboard. Yesterday, the Grade 6’s were actually skipping to their music lessons, channelling their Annie characters! Grade 12 Students have been in deep concentration for their English language orals which were taking place in the office next door to mine. C Level was pin drop quiet.

And it is Chinese New Year. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip into Brussels to the Chinese Belgian New Year celebrations in the rather grand surroundings of Palais des Beaux-Arts · Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, one of the beautiful art galleries in Brussels. It was great to mingle with so many people doing business in China, as well as representatives from the Chinese Embassy. I had rather hoped for a little more of a Chinese influence though, perhaps in the food, but it was definitely more Belgian than Chinese. Having made numerous visits to Hong Kong and China, I am very partial to some dim sum or noodle soup!

Then this evening, after school, a most enjoyable half hour or so with some beautiful guitar music wafting into my office. Initially, I had assumed that one of the students working or relaxing in the area outside my office (more working than relaxing I have noted since Christmas – IB deadlines abound) had turned on some music. It really was beautiful, relaxing mood music. But no, after about 15 minutes, I wandered out to find the source of the music. One of our Seniors was sitting with his guitar, quietly playing. A few minutes talking to him, finding out that he had been learning guitar for 8 years. What a fabulous additional talent to have. Then back to my desk ahead of my final meeting of the day and wondering how many more hidden musicians we have at St John‘s who might like to play a little music at the end of the school day outside my office…

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