The past few months have had the air of living in a parallel universe – partly the result of living away from my home country, but augmented quite significantly by the whole shenanigans of Brexit. On Thursday evening, I got close to the European epicentre of Brexit when I attended an event hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce. It was fascinating to hear from MEP Catherine Bearder on an evening when the UK stumbles ever-closer to B-day. Catherine has been an MEP for several years, sitting on a variety of committees including the EU Trade Committee, a Committee concerned with the ‚silent crisis’ environmental issues and another focused on human trafficking. It really does defy belief that the UK wishes to disengage from this enormously worthwhile vehicle for pan-European debate and policy-making.

In School, we have also been in a version of a parallel universe, equally eventful but thankfully with a higher degree of sanity! A week ago, we received the excellent news from the International Baccalaureate Organisation that our candidacy to become an MYP school is now successfully completed. This means that we now join an elite group of three programme IB schools (1. PYP 2. MYP 3. DP), the only all-through IB School in the Brussels region. On Tuesday, we had a fabulous visit from 10 educational agents from around the world and on Thursday, we welcomed the Ambassade du Chien to the Middle School Assembly – much admiration all round for these amazing well-trained service dogs. What the dogs made of the supremely energetic Grade 8 musical theatre interpretation of Thirteen is anyone’s guess. Welcome to the St John‘s universe!

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