I am sitting on a perfectly silent C Level, the school day is already over and I am just about to head home for the holiday. I couldn’t leave without recording my absolute admiration for the Dance Show which took place last weekend. It was another of my ‘first experience’ moments at St John’s. I guess I should be getting used to being bowled over by now, but I just was not prepared for the spectacle which unfolded on Saturday night; I have been to many dance shows before, but never anything quite like this… Yes, I knew that dance was quite a thing at St John’s. Yes, I have popped into the popular after school dance clubs and seen dance enthusiastically embraced as part of the curriculum. Yes, I have seen students choreographing their own dances in the playground. I have even seen my own dance-reluctant daughter practising her Grade 8 dance multiple times in our sitting room. This involved jumping off chairs so was not easy to miss! Add all this together, throw in the most creative dance teachers imaginable, professional theatre with sound and lighting to match, then to be honest, I really should have been prepared!

But no, I turned up on Saturday evening without the faintest idea of the spectacle that was about to unfold. From the first moment, the show pulsated with energy and joy, it fizzed with colour and movement, it mesmerised and entertained. Next year, I will be prepared!


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