In a flurry of celebrations and visitations, the term has drawn to a close with the students leaving on Thursday and staff on Friday. The final weeks of term were punctuated by a veritable series of graduations as each grade at the top of each educational phase took their moment to reflect, celebrate and appreciate; the Early Years School, the Primary School, Middle School and High School. It was a joy to share the pride and pleasure in the room!

The end of school for the seniors was a wonderful affair, starting with the pre-Prom drinks with families in the Timbertops garden. How lovely to see our Grade 12 and Grade 11 students so at ease with each other and themselves, relishing the moment of celebration. St John‘s students are certainly a sociable bunch.

A week later and Graduation Day itself was a really moving occasion; graduands dressed in academic gowns, beautiful words from our graduation speakers, show-stopping flowers, paparazzi-levels of photography and smiles all round. What came as a surprise to me though was the enthusiastic reaction (think cheering, flag-flying, baby-photograph-waving and even klaxon-hooting!) from the families in the audience which certainly added another dimension to the far more restrained, British versions of graduation I had experienced thus far. And the day ended with a lovely dinner at the Château du Lac hotel. It really was a wonderful send-off for our Grade 12 graduates.

Then last week, the gorgeous Grade 8 Graduation, experienced both as a mum and Head. It was lovely to see these young people, so poised and grown up, marking their watershed moment on the cusp of High School. With the speeches, performances and baby photos bringing me to the verge of tears, I wonder how we will cope as a family at Senior Graduation next year when our eldest completes his final year at school. Tempus fugit!

The campus has now quickly evolved into holiday mode; a few teachers are on campus, a few Grade 11‘s are in the science labs working on their Extended Essay projects, but the pace is a little less frenetic and the noise level in the courtyard is much reduced! Work is also progressing apace on our exciting refurbishment of Timbertops. This campus certainly never really sleeps; already we are starting to look forward to the next beginning.

Have a happy and restorative summer, everyone.

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