My Monday morning routine so far this year has included five minutes or so in the garden, collecting a few flowers, some greenery, or, as last week, some beautiful autumn leaves to adorn my office. This Monday, the combination of darkness and incessant rain meant that I headed into school empty-handed.

Coming in to school this morning, in spite of the gloomy grey of the sky, there was a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement; following weeks of rehearsals, practice and preparation, the week of the whole school production is finally upon us. I have caught glimpses in rehearsal and backstage seeing the set and costumes take shape. The sights and sounds are highly promising!

A highlight of last week was a meeting to discuss eco issues and our carbon footprint as a school. Our Climate Action Group is the driving force behind our evolution towards more sustainable, thoughtful and environmentally-friendly approaches. It was superb to have representatives from different areas of school, including parents, teachers, our caterer and the maintenance and support staff team. The absolute stars of the meeting were the students themselves; the three Grade 10 girls who chaired the meeting were simply outstanding, chairing the meeting with charm, eloquence and energy. With such young people at the epicentre of the climate awareness revolution, I have no doubt that we will make good progress at school level and beyond – they are the light in a pretty dark tunnel.

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